I had my first child and a mortgage when I was the tender age of 19, and by the time I was 25 I was a single parent with two small children.

Learning to cook, clean & run a house from an early age - often with little money.

I became an expert at cooking on a budget...

However, I was determined to make something of my life, so I went to uni to do my degree, training to be a Dietitian.

After I graduated, children and work seemed to take over, so for a few years I was trying to keep my head above the water financially, and keep every plate spinning.

By the time 2016 arrived I was really unhappy, so I made some bold moves; I trained and ran a half marathon, left a miserable relationship, quit my depressing job...I also sold my home of 15 years!!

YES, I was frightened, BUT I was more frightened of the alternative...

Sometimes making bold moves can be terrifying, but being stuck and unhappy is 100% worse.

I can tell you now, 2016
was an amazing year! 

I felt so happy, free and unstoppable…


This passion, along with my love of food and health launched me into the next chapter in my career. I had previously studied nutrition at university, and had also worked as a dietitian in both the NHS and private practice.

It was a dream of mine to own my own business, so in 2019 - Louise Seddon LTD, my Nutrition Consultancy Company was born!

I wanted to solve a variety of food based problems for all of the women who were stuck & work with them through their diet and mindset to become the best versions of themselves.

I absolutely love what I do and have made it my life's goal to help as many people as possible feel amazing and have a healthy relationship with food.