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Employee burnout is nothing new.

Working extra hours and being off sick both correlate with impaired work performance.

Poor nutrition and physical inactivity among employees affect the workplace; overweight and obesity
are among the most common health issues affecting productivity. 

Studies have shown that nutrition knowledge among employees is lacking in certain areas, and that having a better knowledge of nutrition is associated with lower blood pressure and other positive health options.

Our food choices have a direct impact on our performance, an imbalance of nutrients can change mood, reduce energy and contribute to underlying health problems. Healthy eating isn't just about weight; it is about focus, energy and motivation

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The workplace has a direct influence on employee health, so it is critical that organisations use their position to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

This Webinar will teach you how to:

- Reduce employee absenteeism - Increase employee productivity - Improve energy levels - Boost staff morale


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